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The Fountain Group

The Life

Check out this quick video to see about Life in Westhaven.

We’ve heard it said before. Westhaven, in many regards, is unlike any other community most of us have lived in. One could say it’s the beautiful landscaping or eye catching homes, and that would only be a part of it. We’ve seen this place go from city hall meetings to dirt to framing to the neighborhood it is today.

We’ve walked the streets long before swimming pools and workout rooms took over vacant lots and even then, the uniqueness of this community stood out. It is vastly different from other places you’ve lived. While all of the external things are certainly a blessing, the community part, the people part, the relationship part is what seals the deal. Truly. You’ll not find a neighborhood like this anywhere else. That’s not because of the houses, although they are beautiful. It’s not just because of the award winning horticulture. You can see beautiful flowers all over. It’s those things and more combined with truly stellar, community minded people who lift this place to another level.

Jump in full force. Be a part of this neighborhood family. Through that, you’ll meet incredible people and create long term relationships with some of the most wonderful neighbors possible. Welcome to Westhaven!

Westhaven Events and Activities

Westhaven Memorial Day Block Party

If you like to keep an active life, Westhaven just may be for you. Organized activities and events for all types of interests are aplenty here… Book Clubs, Bunco Groups, Bridge, Women’s Groups, Men’s Groups, Single’s Groups, Gardening Club, Fly-Fishing Group, Play Groups, Friday Night Movies, Block Parties, Free Concerts, Holiday Parties, Parades, and lots more.